How Social Media can help your business

Social media is rapidly becoming more than just an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to marketing your business. Social media is changing the landscape of marketing as we know it, and may now be the most effective way of getting your brand name recognized.

Many people create Facebook pages for their business, which is a excellent thing. Every business should have a professional, content filled facebook page. This is important because studies show that 80% of social users prefer to connect to brands through their Facebook pages, because it more accurately shows the personality of the business. Facebook is also the number one social media platform in terms of sheer number of users, which makes it an obvious choice to focus on when it comes to putting time into utilizing it for marketing.

As important as Facebook is in the social media world, Pacific Media and Design’s specialty and main focus is Instagram. There are multiple reasons for this, even though Instagram isn’t the most widely used platform, or the fastest growing (although it still is the third fastest growing platform, with 47% growth in 2014-15).

Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms available, boasting 400% higher user to brand interactions than Facebook or Twitter. The nature of Instagram creates a very unique opportunity to engage, target, and market to specific customers like never before, on a scale that is as local or large as you would like. Instagram is super popular with the younger crowd (it has passed Facebook and Twitter for the most important social media platform to teens) and has now shown significant growth into the adult crowd as well, with 28% of US adults using the app. While this is significantly less than Facebook, Instagram doesn’t have the algorithms that facebook has, which control how posts are fed to individual’s news feeds. This makes Instagram’s platform much more effective at reaching your followers, and engaging your potential customers.

It is important to realize that social media marketing has a different way of getting your return on investment than traditional marketing. Social media marketing relies on creating and raising your brand awareness, while engaging and fostering loyal, long term customers. You may not see your ROI come tangibly right away, and many people give up quickly because there is no immediate results. However it’s important to realize that a sound social media strategy with consistent, quality content and engagement will do more for your brand image, awareness, loyalty, and eventually conversions than any other traditional advertising can do.