The Designer a.k.a. The Coder

Living here on the Oregon coast for almost my whole life I have found my self motivated to help out the business out there to make it and thrive here on the central coast. I also want to see everyone here get a fair priced website with no bull! While working with Oregon Coast website designs I have seen it all so called designs and or marketeers nickle and dime clients to give them nothing but carp on the twentieth page on google, with no website threat online at all. I want to see you succeed Please note on market and internet recognition on is time consuming and hard. I personally always looking and checking but to have me out there wreaking havoc I only take on a few a month. Usually after a few months there doing good and than its up to you witch I can help with cheat sheets to be as competitive as you put into it. I have help and worked for other website company’s. Im the geek in the background plugging code and the owners get the love. But I got to say I learned allot from going throw multiple Google Algorithms and the various website developments. I’m happy to say I already have over hundred new clients all over tillamook, Lincoln city, Newport, Washington, and Portland. And I want more so give me a call pick my brain It might have what you need to succeed on the internet.